Jewels … “a precious stone, typically a single crystal.” -google

Life should exude the exact definition. Cherish & expect the best from it. Accessorize your life , with jewels of peace , happiness & adventure.

I didn’t use to see the value in accessories/ jewels until I reached a certain age. From bringing an outfit to life towards complimenting your beauty… accessories are an ultimate purchase.

Now I understand That there is a expectation that all your jewelry must be “real” to be accepted. It’s also an idea that you should “fake it until you make it” but i believe that it doesn’t matter if the jewelers is real or fake.. it’s just about if the feeling it gives you from wearing it is real or fake. 
When I put on my accessories on it adds to my beauty, it pushes my royalty narrative & adds to my overall feeling about myself. It’s like walking around with the sun just shining over you, feeling as if the jewels adds to your bright glow.

life’s a jewel because most jewels are rare, most jewels take time to form into its most beautiful form, most jewels are priceless & i believe Yours as well as mines is a jewel. Treat yourself & love yourself. 

                 -Ezerika W.

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